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Rufus BitTorrent is a practical client to download and share Torrent files. If you are looking for a client for your downloads, try out Rufus BitTorrent


A practical and easy-to-use BitTorrent client

November 22, 2013
7 / 10

Rufus BitTorrent will allow you to download and share Torrent files in the most simple way. This open-source BitTorrent client based on G3 Torrent, has the majority of functions and features of this kind of applications, like carrying out several downloads simultaneously, giving priority to one download or another, adding a download by means of the URL address, or obtaining information from a download speed chart.

Simple BitTorrent client

Be means of a clear and simple interface, Rufus BitTorrent will easily allow you to add files to download, you will only have to copy the link from the website, and the application will detect the link. As with the majority of P2P sharing applications, you can pause the downloads and give them a higher or lower priority level. It also allows you to download .torrent files with multiple files, and to select which ones you want to be downloaded and in which order.

Rufus BitTorrent is easy to configure and you will be able to quickly share those files. With regard to the configuration, you will be able to control everything that has anything to do with the connection, like the bandwidth that you want to use in the downloads.

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